It’s fabulous to be on the go. 18 months into setting up my own business and the last few months have been fuller than ever on the work front. Since I first started up, I have been and still am very grateful to loyal clients and friendly business contacts who’ve made my entry into the world of the self employed much easier than I ever thought it would be.

But hands up. As a result, I haven’t exactly been prolific on the blogging front when it comes to my own business. Physician heal thyself, cobblers’ children and all that. I’m in the communications business and if I’m not doing it for my own business, what does that say? But as far as I see it, when things are busy, I need to prioritise client (in other words paying) work and family time.

I know I could build even more working hours into my day. Get up at 4am, work late at night, but when you are already juggling and trying to be a halfway decent mum and partner too, you know something will give eventually.

So I’m happy and not complaining about any of this, but recognising that imperfections will creep in when we have busy lives and maybe I just have to live with them.

Date of next blog post to be confirmed!