Content marketing has grown exponentially, and there’s a good reason why.

Businesses looking to build visibility and trust at the awareness and research stages of the customer lifecycle need ways to communicate with these potential customers, and the right content really can deliver, on both fronts. 

While larger organisations in particular may separate PR and content marketing, there are strong reasons why the two can and should join forces. PR trained professionals are often among those well equipped to deliver great content. Here are just three reasons why:

Creating content

Stories, opinion pieces and feature length articles have long been the staple fodder of any PR campaign. Fresh, readable content that helps target audiences get to know and trust a business is at the heart of any good PR campaign.

Being seen and heard

There is a lot of content out there. People with PR skills are geared up to ensure that their content, whether it’s in print or digital format, is not only great quality, but that it’s targeted at the right people. Their job is to ensure that businesses they represent are seen and heard in among all the noise.


Forming good relationships with key people is fundamental. The skills that PR pros have acquired to do this, as part of their bread and butter work, are applicable to content marketing.

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