Online and social media are integral to PR and communications. Saying you ‘do’ social media is a bit like saying you go shopping. All the stats show that most of us now communicate and share information with each other through various devices, from a laptop to the latest i-phone.

According to Datamonitor, by 2013, the social networking population in the UK will reach 21.9 million and represent 50% of internet users. In turn most brands are either already actively communicating this way, or, in some cases, still wondering if and how they should embrace this environment.

Ignoring social media is not a good option. It’s likely to be where many of your customers, influencers and employees are, so even if you’re not ready to jump in completely, monitoring and understanding this environment is essential to any PR campaign. There’s a wealth of information out there, so getting a flavour of what is being said, by who and where is a very useful – and probably most sensible – starting point for any business.

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