PR. How businesses can get it right.

by Sarah

Fancy generating some PR for your business but can’t afford to hire someone or pay for external support? If your business is in its early days and you need to take the DIY route, it’s worth investing a bit of time to get the following right. If you want to see results that is.

  • Work out your audience or community

Who are they? Where are they? What do they do? What do they read? What social media do they use? What events do they attend? What do they tend to say or do? What things motivate or concern them? How can you and your business meet these motivations or concerns?

  • Get to know their / your media

Once you know the media your ‘community’ is reading, do your research. Get hold of print copies, read the online versions. Work out what kind of stories appear and look at how these are written. Spot any journalists or individuals that write the stories related to your area of business and find their contact details.

  • Think and write like a journalist

Be objective about your business. Put yourself in the shoes of a hard-pressed reporter. What is the hook – have you got or done a first or biggest of some kind? What makes you or your business interesting or different? Is this really news or has it been heard before? Avoid the hard sell – no sales or marketing speak. No hyperbole. Back up any claims with facts, accurate statistics or references. Include a quote that adds value or a personal insight.

  • Photography

Think visually. Always include a good, professional-looking, high resolution photo, even if it is just an appealing head and shoulders shot. A creative, eye-catching one is even better.

Good luck! If you want any more input or think you could do with some freelance support give us a call on 0114 327 3920.