5 reasons why case studies are critical to your business

by Sarah

Case studies are something that most business-to-business PR campaigns need if you want to effectively explain the strength of a service, product or process.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be asking your customer to agree to a case study when you’ve done a great job for them:

  • They provide a clear, watertight way of showing what you do and how well you do it. Practice rather than theory and importantly, impartial evidence via a third party.
  • They can get your sales people in the door with new customers and once you’re there, give them something tangible to talk about.
  • The media like them. The story of how y customer achieved z results using your product or service is far more illuminating than a purely promotional news release.
  • Content. Your website needs fresh content for Google and other search engines and this is one great way of delivering it.
  • Social media. Case studies give you something new and interesting to link to from Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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