3 reasons why PR professionals are purpose built for content marketing

by Sarah

Content marketing is growing fast and there’s a good reason why. Communicating with customers and other audiences without overtly selling to them is a critically important step for businesses that need to build awareness, trust and visibility in the online world.

Quite often you will see a PR professional or team at the heart of this. Here are just 3 reasons why:

Creating content

Stories, images, advice and opinions are the staple fodder of any PR campaign. Fresh, readable content that helps target audiences get to know and trust a business is what PR has always been about.

Being seen and heard

There is a lot of content out there. PR professionals spend their time ensuring that content, whether it’s in print or digital format, is delivered to the right people. Their job is to ensure that the businesses they represent are seen and heard, in among all the noise.


Forming good relationships with key people online is fundamental and the skills that PR people have acquired to do this, as part of their bread and butter work, are very applicable in the content marketing arena.

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