welcome to seven twelve pr

seven twelve PR is a freelance public relations and content consultancy based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

We help organisations build their profiles and engage with audiences successfully through the power of PR, persuasive copywriting and high-quality content marketing.

Whether we’re helping businesses and brands achieve valuable coverage in regional, trade, national and international media - or providing fresh, inspiring content for websites, brochures and newsletters, our role is to help your organisation tell its stories and communicate ever more effectively.

The advantages of freelance PR and content

Companies looking for PR have a few options. These include employing someone in-house, retaining an agency or partnering with a freelance consultancy like ours.

As with most things in life, there are advantages to each, but the stand-out benefits of working with an experienced PR and content freelancer are:

Flexibility: Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc project support, a seasonal campaign or several days of delivery each month, we can help.

Experience: Our experience (20 years plus) means a faster learning curve, valuable insights gained over multiple sectors, less wasted time and high standards across all deliverables. See our testimonials.

Value: A freelance PR consultant represents great value compared to a traditional agency or the financial, training and admin costs of employing in-house.

Continuity: No worries about briefing/training someone who then leaves after a year or two. We're here for however long you need us, with many of our clients choosing to work with us on an on-going or repeat basis in the decade since we launched.

Marketing associates

While public relations, copywriting and content marketing are our specialities, we know fantastic people that can help with the rest.

If you need to develop your website, launch a direct marketing project or for quantitative or qualitative research, we have a network of trusted experts that specialise in these fields.

Our promise to you is dedicated support and creative, results-focussed communications. Call 0114 327 3920.